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AD Appraisal Center Launches on February 1

AD Appraisal Center Launches on February 1

On February 1st, A&D Mortgage will discontinue hosting ordering appraisals from individual approved AMCs via admortgage.com that takes you offsite to a third-party AMC’s website. Instead, we are launching a new centralized appraisal platform – AD Appraisal Center – that will allow you to order and track any appraisal without having to leave admortgage.com. And, you won’t need to become an approved partner with each AMCs. As long as you are an Approved Broker Partner, you can use any AMC that has been approved to work with us.

We will offer training support in person, through manuals and with videos on-demand before and after launch. Watch this quick video on how to place an order:

Why AD Appraisal Center! is Great:

  • Single point of entry and interface for all appraisal AMCs
  • Pick AMC of choice and not need to become an approved broker for each AMC
  • Get live quotes and compare prices from different AMCs within a single portal
  • Can select up to 6 different AMCs and place an order at the same time
  • AMCs will be continually added and evaluated to increase Broker choice
  • Ability to communicate and rebut appraisals in one location
  • Track status of each and every appraisal order
  • One-click payment processing to the borrower

Centralized communication platform to track comments and conversations between AMC and Broker for each appraisal.

If you do not receive credentials, first check your SPAM folder, and if they are not there, please contact appraisal.access.request@admortgage.com or call (888) 587-0805, extension 2.